Daily News Monitor, Wednesday 23/12/2020

– Ala’tta: Civilians pity revolution; the Army, homeland
Ala’tta: Conflicting interests hindered committee’s work to appeal EEA-C&FRC’s decisions.
– Ibrahim alSheikh: Anoucement of legislative council anticipated next Saturday, formation of new government early January
– Citing recent defence statements, June 30 coup prosecutors denounce judiciary, doubt resigning judge’s health claims.
– US revokes visa restrictions formerly imposed on Sudanese officials
– Sudanese Communist party warns governmentlifting fuel subsidies will invoke citizens’ rage
– Medani, Gezira quarantines, isolation centres fully occupied
– alSudani publishes a detailed translation of Congress’s Sudan Immunity Legislation
– Sudanese diplomat in Niger defects to US
– Judge suddenly steps-down trial of NSR’s coup masterminds
– US Visa restrictions on Sudanese officials called off
– Expectations of regional cooperation raised as Sudan presided over IGAD extraordinary summit
– Photographers launch campaign combatting garbage jammed across Krt streets
– 150 nominations for upcoming Gov., Medani to replace Manis at ministry of cabinet affairs
– Kalakla young man mysteriously killed following arrest by armed guys in non-military uniformed
– Executives at East Darfur state localities resign collectively
– Gulu: Citizens demonstrate before UNAMID HQ’s, demand forces to stay
– June 89 coup trial: Health conditions compell judge to step-down
– Martyrs’ mothers protest delayed justice before Judiciary

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