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Thursday, 26 December 2020



  • Ethiopian fighters show off sortie along borders
  • Earthquake hits Kassala
  • Republican party: forces of freedom and change, a failure
  • Contract to procure 500 oxygen cylinders for Corona centres
  • Health ministry: Gathe.86rings, Sudanese traditions help widespread of Corona


  • Communist party’s SC: Torture inside jails still ongoing
  • Key US bank resumes work in Sudan
  • Roads barricaded, Demands to arrest killers of Kalakla‘s martyr
  • UN supports transition in 2021
  • Jibreel in frontlines, confirms backing up SAF
  • PM Hamdok congratulates on Christmas, New year
  • Minster of religious affairs calls upon Jesus followers to herald peace

Alsudani Aldawliyya

  • Cadres of the Brotherhood hiding in farms owned by former regime’s affiliates
  • announcement put off, Nominations crisis resolved
  • In military uniform, Jibreel Ibrahim at borders showing support
  • Army completely controls al-Fashaga at Ethiopian borders
  • Civil defence: Significant sites around Khartoum being sterilized
  • Health ministry: Corona test labs upgraded
  • Sovereignty Council’s Secretary General congratulates Christians


  • Family of deceased al-Kalakla guy unveils involvement of ‘security bodies’
  • Expert warns trade-unions’ role in safeguarding revolution inevitable
  • Interrogations on defunct regime affiliates’ mega-investments in Dubai, Malaysia, Turkey kick-started
  • Sovereignty council reiterates Government’s commitment to religious freedom
  • marking of senior secondary certificate concluded
  • Earthquake hits Kassala, parts of Eritrea

News brief

Al-Sudani reports EEA-C, FRC received corruption files in the state of White Nile. Final recommendations are being made in these files to be submitted to the Central Committee for decisions. Sudanese Professionals Association organizes today a press conference on current political situation. Central committee on government nominations decides today on government formation, puts off announcement of legislative council. Gov. announces UNITAMS to start in January. Islamists launch today an-Nahda movement. National Umma Party unveils FFC’s restructuring of central council. Al-Tayar’s reports details of al-Kalakla mysterious murder where a young man was kidnapped/assassinated in east Kalakla allegedly by security personnel. Nabil Adeeb says police raiding residence of Brazilian ambassador violated international law, explaining that what has been circulated in mainstream, social media about the case of the diplomatic alcohol container is imprecise, meanwhile criticizing police raid on a the shipment, citing it as violation to Article (22) of the Vienna Convention. Verdict of shocking Port Sudan’s incest rape case issued. Government officially announces start of UNITAMS mandate. Al-Jareeda interviews Mohammed Ismat, leading FFC figure criticizing hesitation among components of transitional government to accelerate the eradication of empowerment within the civil service, explaining that state institutions still functioning defunct regimes’ laws, policies still in place. Continuation of protests in al-Kalakla amid demands by the Sudanese Professional Association for further thorough investigating of resistance committee member.


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