News Monitor – Monday 28 – 12 – 2020

Al-Taghyeer Daily News Monitor




* Kabashiapologizes today from appearing before sit-in committee

* Transition Partners Council meeting discuss situation on eastern border

* Implementation of peace agreement guarantee security, Protectionof civilians government responsibility

* Finance ministry, Sahel/Sahara bank group to begin development projects

* Attorney reveals circumstances of Bahauddin Nouri’s death

  • Sources: traces of torture found on Bahauddin Nouri’s corpse
  • Ibrahim: FFC should stop appointment of affiliates at civil service
  • Sudanese exports granted permission through Egyptian ports
  • Blue Nile state governor dies in a traffic accident
  • Popular outrage on Kalakla’s murder, Rapid Support officers to be interrogated
  • Police personnel subjected to investigation following death of arrested suspect
  • French researcher denied entry visa following unveiling of info about SAF, RSF corporations
  • RSF head intelligence, other officers subject to investigation on Kalakla murder
  • Sudanese Professionals Association: Supreme peace council unconstitutional
  • Police admits death of suspect following torture, interrogates personnel
  • Lack of Corona protective equipment stops work at health centres in Khartoum
News Brief

Al-Tayarreported referral of RSF’s head of intelligence and other officers to investigationfollowing death of Bahau-Din Nuri, member of al-Kalaklaresistanc committee during ivstigation. It also reported Egypt’s opening ofAin Sukhna and Suezports to Sudanese exports, the minister of finance In the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mohamed Maait announced that his country agreed to open the ports He said, “The agreement has been reached with the Sudanese side.” Logistical procedures required for use of Egyptian ports, especially the ports of al-Ain al-Sukhnaand Suez). The minister mentioned that areas in the Egyptian ports shall be allocated for Sudanese containers.AlsudaniAldawliyyareported RSF’s referral of head intelligence with officers to investigation in connection with the killing of the hideous Kalakla murder according to statements by Brig. Jamal Juma’a, RSF’s spokesperson. Jamal Jumah said reservation/investigation includes all personnel participating in the martyr’s arrest.Al-Mawakibreported that Lieutenant-General Shams El-Din Kabbashishall be investigated by the independent national investigation committee as second top brass officer to be interrogated by the committee. According to Darfur 24, investigation with Sovereignty Council’smembers is underway in the Republican Palace, where Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta was interrogated in three sessions lasting 7 hours.


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