Daily News Monitor, Wednesday 30 December 2020

Al Ahdath

–   Emergency security/defense council session on eastern borders’ situation

–   Tawir: Army endured politicians mistakes with patience, willpower

–   UAE shows interest in fruitful bilateral relations

–   Economic observers:  Forex decline contingent upon Sudan’s access to grants/loans

–   Omdurman’s morgue director dismissed, referred to investigation


Al Mawakib

–   AL Garrai: Change of curricula in the heart of my mission

–   Thousands mourn Kalakla martyr, Omdurman morgue to be investigated

–   Hamdok reaffirms state’s interest in developing mineral sector

–   Disputes plague Justice/Equality movement in south Kordofan

–   MoFA commends UAE’s continued support to Sudan

–   Himedti pledges to side with truth in Bahauddin’s killing case


Al Jareeda

–   Extraordinary funeral to martyr Bahauddin

–   Retention of RSF commander a violation to constitutional charter

–   Khartoum court acquits three revolutionaries of murdered policeman charges

–   Sudanese human rights monitor calls on the government to carry out legal reforms as regards detention of individuals


Al Intibaha
  • Two radiology devices recovered
  • Mighty funeral for the martyr Bahaa’
  • Referral of Omdurman’s morgue director to investigation
  • Official in Kassala faces death penalty for embezzlement
  • Al Garrai: Grade Six’s Creation of Adam painting exists in a university curricula
  • FFC calls on Attorney to inspect all RSF’ premises


News Brief

According to Al Tayar, head of the independent investigation committee of the sit-in massacre lawyer Nabil Adib refused to share information as regards progress/efforts to uncover perpetrators,. Adib hinted in an interview with Al Tayar that the NIC is soon to reach/disclose final investigation results. Forensic Medicine Authority intends to form a committee to investigate with Omdurman’s morgue director, Dr. Jamal Yousef, who issued normal death certificate to the late Bahauddin Nouri.

 Al Sudani reported the Security/defense council held yesterday evening at the Republican Palace, an emergency session headed by Lt., Gen. Al Burhan, Chairperson of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, where they discussed developments on the eastern border, expressing appreciations to efforts made by the Sudanese Armed Forces in Fashaga area for protecting the territories and securing the borders.
In its leader Al Jareeda reported on the organization of a huge funeral march bidding farewell to the martyr Bahauddin Nouri who was murdered by rapid support forces personnel. Also reported an forces of freedom and change leading figure, architect of the constitutional charter, lawyer Satti’ Al Haj Ali, who stated that the RSF’s retain of a Chief Commander constitutes a flagrant violation of the constitutional charter, considering that presence of any other forces apart from SAF creates major disorder. Under the header Post-Funeral Inquiries, Al Hadatha’s front page tried to explore the situation of the rapid support forces in light of the current incidents, stating that once again the RSF’s situation, mandate and authority should be tabled in the government’s tray for wide political deliberations. The quest also raises concerns about all law reinforcement units’ delegation of authority regarding arrest procedures, citing flagrant lag on the part of the transitional government to impose state’s authority in general to fulfil the revolution’s demands, particularly in regard to reformation of military institutions. Inside page quoted Dr. Al Garrai, director of the national centre for curricula, rejections of intrusion of Jurisprudence authorities in approving curricula, citing it as non-competent authority. Dr. Garrai stated that he is being subject to a systematic dishonest campaign aiming at downgrading his role.

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