Altaghyeer Daily News Monitor_Thursday 31 December 2020

Altaghyeer Daily News Monitor_Thursday 31 December 2010


AL Mawakib
– Jibreel calls for special Darfur’s crimes tribunal
– Khartoum health state ministry: Corona social spreading’s high, resources low
– Energy ministry: Arrival of spare parts, technical preparations completed for El Jaili refinery
– FFC sources: Volume of ministries have been decided
– Liquor heading to Khartoum ready for New Year’s Eve busted
Al Hadatha
– Koshieb’s Advocate: ICC prosecutor failed to prove defendant’s identity
– Lt., Gen. Kabbashi testifies today before NIIC
– 2000 traffic warden, 450 vehicles to secure Independent Day, New Year’s celebrations
– 58% increase for inter-state bus tickets

News Brief

Al Tayar reports the Sudanese human rights monitor calls for urgent legal amendments to curb
extrajudicial killings and arrests in non-authorized detention centres, demanding in a statement that
Sudan should be a signatory state to the international convention for the protection of all people
from enforced disappearance and expedite legal reforms to prevent aggravation of such crimes.
Khartoum state intends to resume schools for eight/twelve graders following a joint meeting
between education/health ministries; effective no less than January 10 th . A joint committee was
formed to follow up on the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol. State ministry of health
Khartoum state ministry of health rises alarm on Corona. The directorate general at Khartoum state
ministry of health declared social spreading of Corona as the state registered 192 new cases in 24
hours in addition to 7 deceased, which brings the total to 8298 infections and 722 deaths.

Al Initibaha’s header reports Defence ministry’s salaries SDG120 billion in budget-2021 and the
inside page quoted Pompeo’s statement that recent legislation helps Sudan reintegrate into global
economy. Health emergency committee at Gezira state announced closure of public markets in all
localities, postponement of school yearto January 17 th instead of the 3 rd and banning of roaming
traders, limiting interstate passengers to 50% and resuming football tournaments without
spectators, to confront a situation the Governor described as precarious.

Al Jareeda reports Government denies approval of budget-2021, quoting an informed source from
the prime minister’s office. Child welfare council: 4000 children in Khartoum state outside civil
registration systems owing to dire economic status of families and remoteness of
residences/neighbourhoods from the central civil registry, which is not consistent with the
international convention on the rights of the child which stress that issuance of birth certificates
should be free of charge. Leadership of the Sudanese revolutionary front, SRF discuss
implementation of final security arrangements and the required mechanisms to implement the

protocol especially that civilians in Darfur needs urgent protection following UNAMID’s recent
Al Sudani also reported Ministry of education announcing school resumption for eighth/eleventh
grades no later than January 10 th . Exact date was agreed following a joint meeting of state ministries
of education and health. Ministry of Health in Khartoum State announced a drug gap of 35%,
revealing hospital operating budgets converted into incentives to cover contractors’ benefits due to
lack of stable jobs, thus affecting budget, also pointing out migration as brain drain to healthcare

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