Altaghyeer Daily News Monitor_Saturday 2 January 2021


Al Jareeda
– Hamdok: Extrajudicial killings rejected, Sudanese blood is one
Al Tayar
– Hamdok: Governance structures to be formed soon
– On New Year's Eve, 79 suspect arrested, 16 case reported
– Northern state:13 died, injured in a traffic accident
Al Hadatha
– Foreign minister: Development of crisis with Ethiopia not allowed
– Significant increases in electricity bill
– Police: bandits attacked people, cars on New Year’s celebrations under arrest
– Demands of inspection to Rapid Support, other security forces’ HQs
– New regulation to conduct tripartite autopsy to deceased in detention centres
– Hamdok confirms completion of governance structures completed soon
Al Intibaha
– Dawn of 2012: Girl mass-raped in the Nile avenue , Incidents of murder, looting
– Hamdok: Borders protection is army’s sacred duty
– Zalingei flares up following death of a citizen, billions of pounds in loss
– Umma National Party: Last year’s year of great sorrow

News Brief
Al Intibaha reported a hideous New Year’s crime that happened when a Girl was gang-raped by 20
on Nile Avenue at New Year’s dawn. The girl was brutally assaulted in a car with a relative on Nile
Avenue when a group of young intruders raided on them, smashed car windows, beaten the young
man and had the girl raped under threat of machetes. Meanwhile, a number of Khartoum streets
witnessed widespread of riots when gangs targeting citizens at the Nile Street in Khartoum, entrance
to East-Nile Mansheya Bridge and Halfaya bridge along with number of other main streets. Police
filed several crime reports against intruders.
Al Sudani: Following ‘Bahaa Nuri’ incident, new regulations aiming at improving morgues’
performance in Khartoum. The Department of forensic medicine at the health ministry, Khartoum,
issued new directives to organize procedures related to forensic medicine according to Dr. Faqiri
who explained that regulations stipulate that only a tripartite committee shall be authorized to
conduct autopsy to those dying in prisons, while arrestor during investigation in detention centres.
The news daily also quoted the Sudanese Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok’s address to the
nation as he announced Friday that Councils of sovereignty/ministers to be restructured, legislative
council appointed within days. On a speech addressing the nation broadcast through state
television on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Sudan's independence, PM Hamdok said:
“Consultations with various transitional authority components to complete governance structures
underway,” and that “Upcoming days shall witness formation of cabinet, announcement of
commissions, sovereign as well as legislative council.” His Excellency added that the government

“seeks to put in place a legislative council representative of all sectors/groups of the Sudanese people
so as to carry out legislations and oversight tasks directive to sound transition.” He went on saying
“We are looking forward to the stage of rebuilding national state on the foundations of democracy,
justice and freedom, a task only feasible through participation/accommodation of all political forces
engaged in the national building process.” He stressed that “peace remains the first priority of the
transitional period, without which there will be neither stability nor development, nor consensus on
permanent constitution, nor would we be able to reach free, fair and comprehensive elections.” He
went on saying, “the journey to attain peace that we have started through dialogue with SPLM led by
Abdel Aziz Al-Hilu; and SLM led by Abdel Wahid Nour, should be completed with no ceilings save for
the utmost national interest.”

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