The security services fail to implement (99%) of the arrest warrants


Khartoum, Altaghyeer: In a series of tweets, EEA-C, FRC member, Salah Manna’, said today the security service had failed to carry out 99% of arrest warrants, and that the public prosecution had also failed to bring to justice affiliates of the defunct regime, save for three cases amid hundreds! Wondering whether hands of deep state still tamper with dossiers under investigation, stressing that it is crucial now to establish the Internal Security Apparatus to safeguard the transition; without interference from any security apparatuses controlled by the former regime. While expressing aspiration for a new year free of torture/killing, Manna’ said he holds public prosecution accountable for recent incidents.

Members of the committee in charge of eradication of empowerment, anti-corruption and fund recovery complained continually that obstacles hindering the committee’s work are still there, noting that EEA-C, FRC was flagrantly criticized before. The committee had issued many statements withholding assets and properties and recovering money and lands seized by figures supportive of the ousted regime.

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