Minnawi: the campaign attacking Al Garrai is purely political

Khartoum, Altaghyeer: Following the backlash campaign going viral against Dr. Al Garrai, director of national curricula centre, during the past two weeks by Islamist, non-Islamist activists, both groups of activists flagrantly and intensely bashed Al Garrai, criticizing his new modifications/curricula alterations, in connection with the inclusion of Michelangelo’s painting, ‘Creation of Adam’ in primary schools’ curricula, which resulted in wide indignation to Sudanese conservative society. Attacking Al Garrai, many religious men took the debate and controversy to podiums at mosques.

On his part, head of SLM, member of SRF’s leadership council, Minni Arko Minnawi, expressed support to dr. Al Garrai, describing the Imams-led campaign as sheer political, citing it as only obstructive to change, and not driven by religious preservations as claimed.

Minnawi tweeted yesterday through his official account that “the campaign facing Al Garrai led by some imams is not driven by the motives of preserving the religion as they claim.

He added “It is a political campaign par excellence, aiming to obstruct the change process that had begun with the educational curricula,” he went on saying, “… whether he was right or wrong, curricula issues should be discussed by experts, not in mosques.”

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