Al Taghyeer Daily News Monitor_Monday 4 December 2021


Al Mawakib

  • FFC calls for cancellation of increased electricity bill, doubts budget figures
  • Steering committees in Gezira state trade-unions involved in sales of 3 thousand land plots
  • Education experts intend to file complaints against Al Garrai
  • Agriculture minister: smuggled fuel to neighbouring countries still ongoing

Alsudani Aldawlyya

  • Prosecutor urges police to lift immunity off elements accused of killing
  • FFC: Finance ministry bypassed 2021 agreed draft budget
  • Khartoum state health ministry records 134 new Corona infections
  • Tripartite Renaissance dam meeting adopts Sudan’s proposition
  • Sovereignty council disowns secretary’s speech as own opinion
  • Suspected gatherings of dissolved NCP/Islamic movement elements inside transitional legislative council’s premises

Al Hadatha

  • Transport sector complains high operative cost, lack of clear policies
  • Vagabonds’ advocate, national, African unity singer, Keyla passes away
  • Director general health institutions: Propositions submitted for cost-effective treatment at private hospitals
  • Who’s hindering justice, efforts to dismantle former regime?
  • Following resignation of state health director, protests in White Nile over deteriorating healthcare situations

News Brief

Al Hadatha’s op-ed raises concern about procrastination on the part of law enforcement agencies and inquires about Who’s hindering justice, efforts to dismantle former regime?, while wondering that even state leaders at highest levels complain about slow procedures to achieve justice and of failure to bring former regime figures to justice. Complaints persist about judicial agencies’ ability to enforce law! This said, then who can be decisive about revolutionary issues, having the will and ability to pursue/attain revolutionary demands such as recovery of stolen funds and achievement of justice? State officials and political leaders in the ruling coalition see as a hindering obstacle also failure to complete formation of the internal security apparatus to be entrusted with such tasks, so the question arises: who’s disrupting the establishment of the internal security apparatus, hence obstructing justice?

Al Tayar reports Public prosecution urges police’ director general to lift immunity off police agents accused of murder of Ezzed-din Hamid Ali Waqi Allah. The Public Prosecution addressed police to expedite action, warning that delay in revoking immunity of the accused and handing them over to the prosecution sends negative messages about executive bodies’ cooperation. Waqi Allah was arrested by federal police agents for investigation in connection with a case of a stolen car, he died of torture.

Al Sudani reports that the Sudanese professional association’s trade-unions’ support committee, a body comprising 65 different trade unions, steering committees, threatens strike to press in favour of approving trade-unions law. Member of syndicates bureau at SPA, Sayed Okasha, said yesterday in a press conference at SUNA that they call vehemently for abolition of professional unions law-2004; immediate amendment of Labour Law-1997 in a manner that guarantees protection of workers against coercive dismissal; and also review of all laws regulatory to work conditions, after-service benefits and occupational health safety.


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