Al Taghyeer Daily News Monitor -Wednesday 6 January 2021


Al Intibaha

  • Special para-troops unit terminates Ethiopian militias in Al Fashaga
  • SPA nominates 12 candidates for upcoming cabinet formation
  • Communist party: Budget-2021 the worst in three years

Soutul Umma

  • Siddig Al Sadiq: Parties to political process need to concede over economic management
  • Mufarrih: 48 real estate recovered from Islamic movement
  • EU announces €10 million contribution to support gum Arabic
  • Traffic department: 8144 injury/death total accidents through 2020
  • Three prominent leaders of former regime tried over release of notorious drug leader

Alsudani Aldawlyya

  • Presided by the prime minster, Committee on GERD reaffirms Sudan’s stance
  • Prosecution demands Himedti’s testifies before terror court
  • Recent study: 75% students think curricula boring, Never seek teachers’ assistance
  • National committee constituted to follow up on implementation of Juba peace agreement

News Brief

Almost all newspapers published in Khartoum today covered the Conclusion of GSCC sumit, also reported the One-day visit of US secretary of treasury in conclusion to a tour across the middle-east region. Secretary Mnuchin is to hold meetings with both the chairman of the sovereign council, and the Prime Minister as well as with a number of other Sudanese officials.

Al Hadatha’s op-ed tries to explore Impact of ‘recent Gulf states’ rapprochement’ over Sudan in light of past polarizations over the country, suggesting more polarizations looming given obvious divide on external policies on the part of both government components. In another news, the newspaper reports the endowment/religious affairs minister revealing extraordinary corruption ravaging to endowment revenues inside Sudan and abroad during the rule of past regime. Citing funds illicitly streamed to the dissolved Islamic movement, the minster, Moffarih, announced Recovery of approximately $400,000,000 worth of endowed land plots; also outlined ministry’s strategy based on principles of ongoing dialogue and religious co-existence. Ministry of foreign affairs refutes claims of adoption of Egyptian seaports for trade in a press release issued yesterday. The statement denied what has been circulated through media about intentions of adopting Egyptian outlets for Sudanese imports/exports.

Alsudani Aldawlyya

The front-page header reports US secretary of treasury in Khartoum after 27-year embargo. Last of a scheduled middle-east tour, the visit comes in the framework of support to the transitional government, following recent Congress passing of laws which removed financial restrictions off Sudan. The newspaper also reports GSCC‘s summit concludes with a final communique signed between Gulf leaders, bringing Gulf crisis to an end, and agreeing to reopen air, land and sea borders between KSA and Qatar. The newspaper also reports the Attorney general intends visit of mass-grave likely containing victims of sit-in massacre. Announced by the head committee investigating persons disappeared following army headquarters’ sitting dispersal, the field visit expected to take place at dawn of next Saturday to a location allegedly containing mass graves of the said victims.

Al Intibaha

Reports Education ministry confirms stance as regards new curricula, developed for junior/senior secondary. In the first curricula conference held yesterday, the minister of education declared the purpose of change was to replace an educational system developed to serve the radical former regime, confirming that newly set out pedagogic policies aim to serve non-radical society, based on principles of democracy and justice; also stressing that the ministry will embark upon comprehensive curricular reviews.  Also, the newspaper reports latest updates in martyr Hanafi AbdelShakour’s case, covering proceedings of special court constituted to try RSF’s officer accused of killing the late AbdelShakour. Court adjourned until next Monday to decide on defence’ request issue subpoena SAF witnesses outside the country to testify. It is reported martyr AbdelShakour was ran over by RSF Toyota pick-up the second day of army headquarters’ sit-in back in April 2019.



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