Al Taghyeer Daily News Monitor,Thursday 7 January 2021


Soutul Umma

  • Hamdok suspends Al Garrai’s propositions on curricula
  • Final junior, senior secondary grades resume in Khartoum Sunday
  • Agreement to dissolve Sudan’s outstanding debt, Streaming of $1billion annually
  • Agreed American-Sudanese stance on GERD filling

Al Tayar

  • NIIC dig mass-graves allegedly containing coercively disappeared persons
  • Gezira governor: Will impose total closure if precautions non-abided
  • Al Burhan to US secretary: Keen for ties with Ethiopia
  • Customs police files 63 reports of hard currency, golg smuggling

Al Intibaha

  • ­Sudan signs Abraham agreements
  • Sudanese high secondary certificate results to be announced next week
  • Campaign to sanitize schools next Saturday
  • UNP insists upon allocation of 6 ministries, 65 legislative seats
  • Electricity corporation announces new programmed blackouts

Alsudani Aldawlyya

  • Workshop launched on local governance draft-law 2021
  • Trial of ex vice president, top police brass adjourned

Al Sudani

  • Livestock ministry confirms flow of exports to KSA
  • FFC, SRF reach total agreement to on cabinet sharing
  • Significant changes at foreign office departments
  • Al Burhan confirms handling of border dispute with Ethiopia via dialogue

As Sayha

  • ­Israel: Sudan’s signing of Abraham important step towards normalization
  • Israel: Sudan’s signing of Abraham agreement important step towards normalization
  • Hemedti: People’s aspirations on change, jeopardized by agents to foreign agenda
  • Industrial development bank opens Atbara branch

News Brief

Almost all newspapers issued in Khartoum today commonly previewed US, Sudan agreed stance on GERD filling; US secretary of treasury’s yesterday historic visit to Khartoum following 27 years of embargo; and, the suspension by the prime minister of propositions on curricula development by dr. Al Garrai, the controversial director of the national centre for curricula and education research. The Prime minister said to form a national committee comprising educators, specialized scientists representatives of all components of Sudanese society to work on preparations, taking into consideration cultural, religious and historical diversity in Sudan, in line with the requirements of modern education. Mainstream media also covered the transitional government’s joining of the declaration of Abraham Accords to normalize ties with Israel. The signing ceremony took place inside US embassy in Khartoum, where Sudan’s minster of justice, dr. Nasruddin Abdulbari, represented the Sudanese side, while the secretary of treasury, Stephen Mnuchin, signed for the United states. The declaration stipulates on the necessity of reinforcing tolerance and coexistence between different peoples across the world, especially the Middle East.

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