An operation of smuggling large amount of gold had been thwarted

Ardoul reveals a new gold seizure that was on its way abroad, this time in Halayeb district, which opens the door to question the size of the losses that the local economy suffers from this worrying phenomenon.

Khartoum, Altaghyeer

The director of the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources in Sudan, Mubarak Ardoul, announced that a smuggling operation of five kilograms of gold had been thwarted on their way outside the country, in Halayeb district, and another kilogram of gold had been smuggled in Umm Rawaba, South Kordofan State.

According to Sudanese documents, the border triangle of Halayeb, which is rich in gold and minerals, that also borders the strategic Red Sea is occupied by the Egyptian authorities.

Sudan suffers badly from the smuggling of gold in large quantities outside its borders, which causes great economic losses noting that after the secession of South Sudan in 2011, the gold industry has become the largest tributary to the ailing local economy.

On twitter Ardoul praised the security forces and their vigilance in guarding the borders.

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