A cornerstone of a new dam and the list of cabinet nominations to be submitted  

Akhbar Alyoum and Al-tayar reports the Ethiopian authorities announcing their plan to lay the cornerstone of a new dam yesterday, Saturday, with a capacity of 55 million cubic meters of water, at a time when the disputes are still taking place in the ongoing negotiations between Addis Ababa on the one hand, and Cairo and Khartoum on the other hand over the renaissance dam.

Exclusively Al-tayar cites an upcoming decision to increase the price of bread to five pounds per loaf.

“13Thousand workers are entitled to enter Khartoum Airport” 

is the headline of Al-hadatha, in accordance to the civil aviation authority director Ibrahim Adlan the paper says this large number of aviation companies exist Without work and clients which are considered a security threat. Adlan acknowledged that there are problems facing the Handling companies at the airport, and he added that the airport has 9 handling companies, and the biggest problems of these companies is their Cheap and seasonal employment.


Meanwhile Al-Sudany exclusively seize the list of nominations for the Ministers of the FFC

The paper cites that yesterday The Cabinet Nominations Committee of the FFC has concluded One of its works, and the final list of the Central Council for FFC will be submitted for approval within the next two days, in preparation for submission to the Prime Minister.

“Hamdouk pushing us to resign and he did not “respect us””

 this is the headline of Al-intibaha today quoting the minister of education Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Tom and that’s when the Ministry intensely criticized the Prime Minister’s decision to freeze the work of new curriculum proposals.

While Al-Tom described the decision on the National Building show on the National TV yesterday, by “a mistake” , he believed that the purpose of the Cabinet Information Statement pushed him and the Director of the National Curriculum Center Al-Garrai to resign, while issuing the decision without his consultation is considered a trespassing  and a lack of respect for his position as a minster.

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