The Sudanese and Ethiopian ambassadors on Diplomatic talks in Doha

Conversations between the Sudanese and Ethiopian ambassadors in Doha regarding the border dispute and the issue of the Renaissance Dam. is it time for diplomatic solutions to prevail?

Doha / Khartoum: Altaghyeer,

Today, Tuesday The Sudanese and Ethiopian ambassadors to the state of Qatar, held conversations on bilateral issues between the two countries in the capital.

Relations between Khartoum and Addis Ababa are tensioned over disputes in the borders, and disagreements in positions regarding the Renaissance Dam.

The Sudanese mission in Qatar is led by Ambassador Abdel-Rahim Al-Siddiq Mohammad, while his counterpart, Samia Zakaria, heads the Ethiopian diplomatic mission.

The meeting covered the law enforcement process in Tigray region, the border dispute, the Renaissance Dam negotiations, and efforts to consolidate relations.

Ethiopia ended a military operation against the Tigray Liberation Front, which caused the displacement of more than 50 thousand refugees to Sudanese territory.

Abdel-Rahim described the border conflict with Ethiopia as an unresolved issue, in which could be sorted peacefully.

The Sudanese army reclaimed lands from the grip of Ethiopian forces and militias. in AL-Fashaga district in the state of Gedaref.

Sudan insists that its redeployment of the army is legitimately in the national territory, while Ethiopia accuses it of trespassing on areas within its territory.

The meeting stressed the power of dialogue to solve the Renaissance Dam crisis and the rest of the issues in accordance with the principle of “African solution to Africa’s problems.”

South Africa sponsors the mediation between the countries of the eastern Nile basin. The two parties pledged to strengthen ties by organizing public forums and encouraging popular participation.

Calls to pacification

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Ambassador Dina Mufti, confirmed his country’s keenness to establish peaceful relations with Sudan.

Today in a press conference, Almufti described what is happening in the Sudanese-Ethiopian borders as a violation of international law. And emphasized on the importance of giving priority to diplomacy.

These statements followed the attack that took the lives of five women by the bullets of an Ethiopian militia.

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