News Headlines: UAE mediate and 100$ million loss

Assayha: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs harshly condemns the Ethiopian attack”.

The paper says the attack took the lives of 5 women, A child and 2 girls targeting unarmed civilians.

appealed to the International community organizations and regional organizations to condemn what is described as a criminal act of gangs.

On the other hand, Al-sudany reports the UAE meditation to calm the Sudanese-Etheopean border disputes situation.

The paper says UAE expressed its concern in a statement yesterday regarding the situation between the two countries on Al-Fashaga.

 emphasizing on the important and effective role of Khartoum and Addis Ababa in the stability and prosperity of the region.

“Water Authority employees expected the stop of water supply in Khartoum for a week” is the headline of Akhbar Alyoum

The paper says The SC of Water Authority employees expected the stop of water supply in Khartoum for a week starting today, Wednesday.

  The committee accused the State Water Authority of practicing pressure to thwart the one-week strike of employees and workers.

They also report the Appellate court deciding to cancel the appeal by the defense of the accused in the 1989 coup case.

Al-Tayar and Al-Hadathah report the 100$ million worth losses due to technical breakdowns in the port of Port Sudan.

In its lead story Al-Hadathah documents the freedom of speech and press since the formation of the transitional government.

Meanwhile on Al-jareeda front page the Socialist Doctors Committee ‘essentially’ condemns the transitional government

Adib: “The Democratic Transition Law does not interfere in internal affairs and does not violate sovereignty” a headline in Al-Intibaha.

During the regular forum of Sawt Al-Ummah newspaper yesterday Adib said:

The law defines the US policy towards Sudan during the transitional period. Clarifying America’s strategy to assist the Sudanese government to strengthen and provide protection for civil rule.”

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