Sudanese-Ethiopian tension escalates

Assayha: “Al-burhan with the Army in the eastern Front”

The paper says,

 TSC president and SAF commander in chief Gen. Al-burhan visited Al-ghdarif yesterday morning to inspect the army in the eastern strategic sector. The armed forces explained in a brief statement on Facebook that Al-burhan Arrived in Al–ghadarif on a routine inspection visit and accompanied by a military delegation led by the chief of staff.

 On the other hand, Akhbar Alyoum says,

Alburhan visits the Ethiopian borders and an odd statement by the ambassador of Addis Ababa in Khartoum.

 the Ethiopian ambassador in Khartoum Mr Amiro said the Sudanese forces seized 9 Ethiopian camps since November. Amiro added in a statement on Wednesday that the border agreement of 1902 was made without our mandate, we reject the 1902 border demarcation agreement with Sudan and the border issue must be resolved amicably and urgently.

On its front-page Al-Hadathah covers the Ethiopian violations on the Sudanese lands

The paper says,

 the national border commission president Muaz Tango said that the violations on the agricultural land started with 3 farmers and increased to more than 10000 farmers now.

 while revealing the historical ambitions of Ethiopia in the Sudanese agricultural lands. Tango confirmed to ambassadors, diplomats and accredited representatives of international and regional organizations in Sudan yesterday that the Ethiopian violations on the Sudanese lands started since 1957 in a clear breach of the historical border agreements between the two countries.

“Sudan intends to file a complaint against Ethiopia at the Security Council” is a headline in Al-Intibaha

The paper reports,

Sudan intends to act at the international level against Ethiopia on charges of encroaching on its borders.

 Yesterday, the Saudi Al-Sharq news channel quoted: “high-ranking sources hat Khartoum was about to file a complaint to the UNSC regarding the border file with Ethiopia”.

“Khartoum seeks to face the Ethiopian rejection of any agreement regarding marking the borders of the two countries. in addition to obligating Addis Ababa to prevent attacks on Sudanese citizens and farmers.”

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