‘A civil fight’ in Al-Genaina and new updates in the border

Al-Hadathah: Dozens were killed and wounded in a civil strife in El-Geneina and a federal delegation led by the general Prosecutor

Kreinding refugee camp in the west of El-Genaina has witnessed violent incidents on Saturday, Dozens of victims were killed and wounded.

The state government declared a curfew and the regular forces were allowed to use force to fend the fugitives according to an official statement of the governor Mohamed Abdallah Al-Duma.

The political advisor of the governor of west Darfur, Taha Bori said to Al-Hadathah: “we don’t have the preliminary estimates of the victim numbers”. While describing what is happening as a civil conflict resulted from a disagreement between two people who killed one another.

Curfew in West Darfur and discrepancies in the numbers of victims and casualties in El-Geneina incidents is the headline of Akhbar Alyoum

  The paper wrote

The PM Dr Abdallah Hamdok held an urgent meeting on Saturday to discuss the development of the unfortunate incidents in El-Geneina the capital of west Darfur state which claimed the lives of many innocent Sudanese people.

The incidents escalated after a stabbing assault on a citizen and killing him, the criminal and justice authorities have immediately taken action by holding the accused in custody and started the legal procedures.

Meanwhile on Alsayha front page, Al-Burhan reveals an agreement with Abi Ahmed to deploy the army on the borders

The paper wrote,

TSC Head, Lt.Gen. Abdelfattah Al-Burhan confirmed that the army forces openness on the eastern borders took place after an agreement with the Ethiopian PM Abi Ahmed during their last meeting in Addis Ababa before the start of the deployment.

He said that this step was preceded by meetings in Khartoum, Al-Burhan confirmed that SAF openness to the eastern border was fully coordinated between the SAF and the political and executive leadership in the country. He denied that there is an external party interference leading Sudan to extend its control over Al- Fashaga region

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