SCPA demands banning on the (crackers) that don’t meet the standards

The Consumer Protection Association stated that corn crackers (papaya) do not meet the standards. Emphasizing on the need for a product listing.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The food specialist and head of the SCPA Nasreddin Shulgami, said: the corn crackers which are being sold extensively in Khartoum do not meet the standards.

Shulagami emphasized that those sales should include a “statement card” that clarifies a number of required information about the product.  In its absence, this is considered an offense punished by law.

It spread to markets and main streets in Khartoum in the past weeks.  Corn of the (papaya) seeds is sold as “crackers” packed in a way that lacks healthy specifications.  These products find great popularity especially among children.

 Not good to use

Shulgami said to SUNA: the campaign to control non-conforming foods was recently organized by the Environmental Health Department Which Resulted in the seizure of quantities of corn crackers (Papaya) that are not usable and have no expiration date.

He added that the snacks are randomly packed and displayed improperly by street vendors, without taking into account their validity which was considered to expose its consumers to health risk.

Shulagami confirmed that SCPA based on its societal responsibility, has called for the need of being careful about foods that do not follow the standards which were considered to expose its consumers to health risk.

 Inspection campaign

On Thursday, the health authorities in Bahri district, launched a campaign to control non-conforming specifications.  The campaign was organized by the Environmental Health Department in coordination with the Violations Department in Bahri district.

Health Observer Imad Muhammad Ali explained that the campaign resulted in seizing quantities of corn crackers which were not suitable for use.  It has no expiration date; it is filled in a “random” way and displayed improperly by street vendors without regard to its validity.

 The Campaign continues

Ghayat Othman the local official stated that the campaign comes in implementation of the directives of the State Environmental Health Director to drag away all the corn crackers from the market.

She indicated that these crackers are tampered and misleading in their validity period and are not registered in the list of food products at the Federal Ministry of Health.

She confirmed the continuation of the campaign to drag away all the quantities in Bahri district. She stated that a sample of these crackers was taken and sent to the forensic laboratory for examination.

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