Al-Genaina Victims rise to 243

Why do tribal conflicts still happen even post the December revolution?

 Al-Hadathah- on its lead story the paper starts a report asking critical questions.

conflicts of ethnic nature still occupy a place in the space of the country for a long time.

 with lack of money and souls, and Krending incidents in the past few days are not necessarily going to be the last.

 which leads us to this legitimate question: What is the role of civil and political forces in reducing tension?  Did we cross the stage of traditional societies to modern societies in the first place?  To what extent does lack of development contribute to the revival of tribal affiliation?  Is it true that the root of these crises, in general, does not exceed being a resource conflict?  How did the removal of some figures of the former regime contribute to fueling those conflicts, as they hurried to uncover their ethnic cover defending their privileges?  What are the effective solutions to eliminate these strife in the future?  How can the evolution of consciousness help us realize the shortest paths necessary to change the course of the past and consolidate the concepts of the modern civil state?

On the other hand, Assayha and Akhbar Alyoum report the latest updates of Al-Geneina

The Security and Defense Council sends urgent security reinforcements to West Darfur in the wake of the unfortunate events of the capital of West Darfur El-Geneina, yesterday, Sunday.

 The number of victims of the security breakdown rose to 83 Dead and 160 wounded, including members of the security forces.

The Minister of Defense, LTG Yassin Ibrahim, stated yesterday in a press release that the security and Defense Council Decided in its emergency meeting yesterday evening to send reinforcements to West Darfur state to secure the citizens and protect vital facilities.

 West Darfur Doctors Committee confirmed that the number of Victims rose to 83 dead and 160 wounded, soldiers included.

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