Death toll increases and the high school diploma’s results

The Sudanese high school diploma Announcement, Rayan came top, Akhbar Al- Youm publish the names and details

Ministry of Education: success rate decreasing this year and an increase in the numbers of the failing students and absentees

 The paper wrote,

 The decrease was due to several challenges but the Corona pandemic and natural disasters were the most important of them.

The overall success rate is 55.8% compared to last year’s rate of 70,9% and a failure of (213116) among the seated students (484.21), the number of successful students is (270,905).

 Ryan Hisham Ismail from Nour Al-Eiman private School for girls in East Nile district came first scoring 98,3%.

The second is Alla Marwan Mohamed From the African Council private School for girls in Red sea state scored 98.1%.

Akhbar Alyoum and Aljareeda reported the latest update in Al-Genena, the papers wrote,

The West DSDC announced, on Monday, that the death toll in the bloody incidents in El Geneina, rose to 129 dead and 198 injured. The cycle of violence expanded for areas outside the city.

 Al-Geneina eased after two days of bloody conflicts where the governor had to announce a curfew and deploy of the regular forces.

The Announcement of the Sudanese high school diploma with a low success rate (55.9%) is the headline of Assayhain

Meanwhile its lead story Alhadatha asks:

How the Ministry of Finance blacked-out the budget? Who is responsible for absent of Productivity sectors in the final draft?

Where Important economic sectors complain What you describe as the deliberate absence in Stages of preparing the budget.

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