Hemedti goes “wild” and Doha ambassador is summoned

 Exclusively to Assayha: An urgent call for the Sudanese ambassador in Qatar

 Sudanese ambassador to Qatar Abdulraheem Al-siddig Mohamed to appear before the ministry of foreign affairs today Wednesday.

The sources revealed that the ambassador is due to arrive at Khartoum on Tarco Airline to appear before the ministry.

Sources added that the ambassador made an unfortunate step in the diplomatic tradition and described the recall procedure as normal.

It is reported that the Ambassador sent a letter to the Qatari foreign minister on the recent Gulf reconciliation at Alaal summit and described the move as a victory for Qatar.

Akhbar Alyoum: Important statements by the Minister of Finance after approving the 2021 budget


The delegated Minister of Finance and Economic Planning stated Hiba Muhammad Ali, in a press release:

 The budget for 2021 is the first to be prepared after Signing the Sudan Peace Agreement in Juba, and delisting Sudan from SST.

In another new Akhbar Alyoum quotes Hemedti: “The country is collapsing, and the events of El Geneina are internal strife. We have replaced as system empowerment with another and we have documents to prove it.”

Al-Hadathah in its lead story:  For how long will the citizens remain hostage to high prices, scarcity and arrogance of authorities? 

Citizen’s complaints about the crises never stopped.  An apparent defect in the cooking gas distribution system results in a black market controlled by brokers and raksha drivers. While some blame the delegates of the Ministry of Energy in the districts as the main reason behind the scarcity of this strategic commodity. Many Accusations here and there and each side accuses the other of manipulation and indiscipline.  Government authorities are responsible for this failure because simple measures such as adopting deterrent penalties for transgressors in the current distribution network and activating the terms of control could have prevented us a lot of suffering.

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