Men discussing women matters and things get critical in El-Genena

Akhbar Al Youm: The minister of Finance denies any intention to change the currency

The paper said: In a meeting with journalists and media professionals yesterday The Ministry of finance denied any intention to change the currency.

Confirming that there will be solutions for fundamental problems, the ministry added that changing the currency at this time is like changing the dress only.

 Stating many optimal and conscious policies at low cost especially since changing the currency cost 600$ million and described Sudan as a bankrupt state.

Meanwhile in its front-page Al-Hadathah reports in details the reasons behind the record fall of the Sudanese pound.

In its headline Assayha quotes Al-BurhanSudan does not want to go to war with Ethiopia

The paper wrote:

Al-Burhan briefed the high ranked officers stating that Sudan does not want to go to war with Ethiopia. However, it will not waste an inch of its territory.

Confirming that Sudan wishes to reach an agreement that preserves his legitimate rights and status the marks on the ground.

Al-Sudani: The Deputy Chairman SPLM, Yasser Arman, tweeted that he participated yesterday in a meeting with the PM, Dr.Abdullah Hamdok. The meeting included two delegations from the FFC and the parties to the peace process.He stated that the membership of the two delegations did not include any women, yet spoke about the need for equal women participation.

 “The meeting was about the urgency of forming the government and the equal women participation. We were about thirty men in the meeting, and not a single woman participated in that meeting!”


On the other hand, Al-Intibaha reports the latest updates in El-Genena, the paper wrote:

Al-Geneina city hospitals have entered a critical stage after they were forced to stop surgeries due to lack of blood. The Secretary-General of the Darfur Youth Network, Abu Sufyan Makki, told Al-Attiba that the hospitals face complicated conditions due to the imposed curfew, which prevented donors from reaching them.

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