Technical support worth of $160,000 is granted to the ministry of foreign affairs

The agreement of the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the USAID relates to building the technical capabilities of the foreign information center by providing technical and advisory assistance in preparation for the transition to digital diplomacy programs.
Altaghyeer: Amal Mohamed Al-Hassan
The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represented by the Director of the Information and Communication Center Ambassador Hassan Abdel Salam Omar,(USAID) represented by its partner, “Chemonics” signed an agreement to build the technical capabilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through a grant estimated at $160,000.
in a press statement the ministry stated that the grant aims to build the technical capabilities of the Information Center at the Ministry.
Providing  technical and advisory assistance to raise the technical capabilities of the Ministry in preparation for the transition to digital diplomacy programs and the provision of E-services.
The grant includes providing technical equipment and training technical personnel in the ministry.
The grant is considered the first phase of technical support programs provided to the Ministry and the transitional government period.
It is a turning point in the Sudanese-American relations following the lifting of the technical embargo imposed on Sudan.
Sudan was banned from importing equipment,  software and direct dealing with American technology companies and Sudanese government institutions.
The US Department of Commerce – Bureau of Industry and Security announced last week the amendment of its regulations by lifting restrictions on the export of American products to Sudan.
 The sanctions were imposed under its presence on the list of terrorism, including software, computers and communications.
 in a press release the ministry stated that it would become possible for American companies to deal with Sudan without legal barriers.
Last December, the US Congress passed legislation restoring Sudan’s sovereign immunity after it was delisted from the SST. The legislation made Sudan a full-fledged country against any future cases that could be brought against it under the Terrorism Act.
The Congress approved the legislation to adopt the settlements agreement reached between the government of Sudan and the US government regarding the issues of the bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the destroyer Cole, in exchange for delisting sudan from the SST.

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