Again, the parliament is postponed and the devil in a new dress

Implementing a new increase in gasoline and gasoline prices is the headline of Akhbar Alyoum. They also reported that the Central Council of the FFC decided to hold an urgent meeting with Hamdok, the paper wrote:

The Central Council for Freedom and Change decided to hold an urgent meeting with the PM to discuss the security and economic conditions.

 Following the unfortunate events that occurred in some regions in the country like El Geneina, Atbara and others. Also, the escalation of the economic crisis in the country, as the government (Cabinet and TSC) approved a budget which the FFC considered disastrous.

Assayha reports that the Security Council confirming Darfur conflicts are an internal affair.

Who is trying to arrest us behind the illusions of disorder? again Al-hadathah asks a question and elaborates, the paper wrote:

Totalitarianism continues. The overthrown regime is still functioning; the old repression scenarios come in new dress.

Hours after the General prosecutor directed the security services to prevent the arrest of civilians except by the Public Prosecution and the police; the news shocked us with a new arrest story and the accusations point at an old security force.

 Al-jeraif East Resistance Committees announced the arrest and torture of one of its members.

 Then why the transitional authorities don’t correct the major defect?  Why are incidents of kidnapping, terror and illegal detention repeated??  Who is trying to create chaos and who benefits from attempts to spread panic and turn back the clock?

Meanwhile Al-Tayar reports the FFC Postponing the announcement of the Legislative Council, the paper wrote:

The ruling Alliance of the FFC revealed the difficulties facing the announcement of the formation of the Transitional Legislative Council on the date set according to the matrix approved by the Central Council, on Tuesday January 26.

The FFC decided to postpone it until after the completion of the new cabinet formation.

The reporter of the Central Council of the FFC Kamal Bolad to (Al-Tayyar)

“The issue of discussing the formation of the Transitional Legislative Council will come after the cabinet nominations completion, and the list is handed over to the PM”

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