Elgeneina: Things fall back in place

The Sudanese police announced the return of life to the city of El Geneina, after the week of “death”.

 Khartoum: Altaghyeer

 Today Sunday, The Sudanese police announced that the situation in El-Geneina, has begun to return to normal, after a bloody week that claimed 161 lives.

Following a revenge attack by vigilante militias a bloody civil violence flared up in El-Geneina.

The police press office attributed the state of calm in the city to the deployment of regular and police forces.

The office announced the return of trade activity in markets, stores and all other residential activities.

The supervisor of the Greater Darfur States ended a field visit to West Darfur, exploring the security situation.

Altaghyeer was informed by reliable sources that the rapid medical response mission established by the Federal Ministry of Health had returned to Khartoum, on Sunday afternoon, after completing its mission in El Geneina.

\The mission arrived with medical personnel, equipment and materials to support the medical staff, in Al-Jeneina hospitals.

The team was sent to make use of the health sector infrastructure in the state, and to provide medical services to the injured without making them bother to travel for treatment at the center.

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