Hamdok discusses living conditions with ministries and responsible officials today

In a time when difficult living conditions, crisis and protests are escalating, Hamdok continues his meetings with the responsible officials.

Khartoum, Al Taghyeer

The PM, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, holds a series of meetings with ministries and those responsible for providing strategic goods today.

He will not hold a press conference on the issue of living conditions, as was reported yesterday.

Today, Monday, The Sudan News Agency (SUNA)stated that some newspapers and websites reported a press conference by the PM today.

They added, “This a fake news, and there are no official invitations for such a conference.”

SUNA stated that the PM has a series of meetings with ministries and strategic goods duty bearers. By the end of the day, the Minister of Information will submit an enlightenment from SUNA platform.

Last Wednesday, an urgent meeting of the economic sector in the cabinet convened by the PM, was held to identify the developments of the deteriorating living situation in the country and the renewed bread, fuel and cooking gas crises, in addition to the significant decline in the national currency.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Hiba Muhammad Ali, promised urgent solutions that would positively impact the economic situation.

Yesterday, news circulated that the PM would hold a press conference regarding the living conditions this Monday afternoon.

Sudan is going through economic crisis due to the rapid inflation increase and the national currency devaluation against foreign currencies.

Not to mention fuel, bread and cooking gas crisis, with a significant increase in the prices, and the unstable electricity service.

The government recently approved new pricing for petrol and gasoline, which exacerbated the crisis.

For the third day in a row Khartoum witnesses Protests in many neighborhoods, calling for urgent economic reforms and course-correct the revolution.

Protesters barricaded Assitteen and Obaid Khatim main streets in Khartoum, in addition to demonstrations in Ashajara, Al Lamab and other neighborhoods, as well as sporadic protests in Omdurman.

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