Akhbar Alyoum reports that the public prosecution responds to the EEA-C, FRC accusations

The paper wrote:

 The Public Prosecution confirmed its commitment Its duties which are specified in the constitutional charter and the law.

 They stated their commitment to provide all legal support for devices State and high professionalism in the way Achieve justice.

The public prosecution denied all the EEA-C, FRC accusations, in which they stated that the public prosecution obstructs their performance.

 In its headline Assayha quotes the minister of energy The fuel crisis due to the delay in the budget approval”

 The delegated Minister of Energy and Mining Abd al-Rahman, assured that the fuel crisis ends within days. He also stated that 4 million liters of fuel are shipped to the capital.

He confirmed the arrival he flew to Alshagara warehouses yesterday.

He also attributed the worsening of the crisis to the rumors and the delay of the budget announcement.

Meanwhile Al-Tayar quotes Muhammad al-Faki: “I expect a crisis in the next Sovereign’s presidency”.

 And the Sudanese ministry of defense accuses Ethiopia with procrastination

 On the other hand, Alhadatha asks legitimate questions in its lead story, the paper wrote:

In light of an economic crisis, the government is moving actively to find effective solutions to block the holes in the performance of responsible institutions of the provision of strategic goods; Such as gas, bread and fuel, will it succeed in that? What is also required of the forces of the revolution and the actors in the transition scene?

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