The Israeli delegation and the ongoing protests for the 5th day in a row

Assayha exclusively reveal what happened during the Israeli delegation visit to sudan yesterday, Monday, the paper wrote:

The Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Mohamed Sharif explained, That the Israeli delegation visited the country yesterday (Monday).

The visit was within framework of the agreement signed between Khartoum and Tel Aviv for cooperation in specific areas.

In a special statement to (Assayha) yesterday Sharif said:

“What matters to the Foreign Ministry in the relationship with Israel is signing an agreement for diplomatic relations and this did not happen yet but this step will come later”.

Sharif denied what was reported in the media about the accreditation of an ambassador Israel in Khartoum and an ambassador from Khartoum to Tel Aviv.

He added (this information is incorrect), noting that

Approval of such step comes later after signing a Diplomatic cooperation agreement.

In the same vein Akhbar Alyoum headlined the delegation headed by the Minister of Intelligence visiting Khartoum.

They also reported the ongoing protests in the capital for the fifth day in a row.

On its frontpage Al-hadathah has a picture of the Sudanese minister of defense elbow-bump with the head of the Israeli delegation.

And alTayar that Eli Cohen invites alBurhan to visit Israel, they also reported that “Afri Com” in Khartoum looks for military partnership with sudan.

Meanwhile alIntibaha reports that Abdul Wahid movement denounces the decision to prevent journalists from traveling to Darfur, the paper wrote:

The SLM, Abdel Wahid Mohamed Nour’s wing, denounced the government’s decision to prevent journalists from traveling to Darfur.

The movement said in a statement that the decision violates the freedom of the media to obtain information and transmit what is happening.

The statement added that the decision placed the Prime Minister and the Minister of Information before a remarkable moral test to the threat of genocide looming against civilians in Darfur.

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