Port Sudan: “10” new machineries have arrived for the modernization of the southern port.

Ten new machineries arrived in Port Sudan as part of a plan to update work in the southern port. This is happening against the backdrop of workers concerns that development processes will lead to fire large numbers of them. So how can everyone benefit through man vs. machine conflict?

Port Sudan, Al Taghyeer

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in Sudan announced importing 10 new “Trailers” to operate in the southern port.

New “Trailers” to service in the southern port to support container handling, to increase the port’s capacity and reduce handling time.

The Ministry announced a matrix to modernize the Sudanese ports overlooking the Red Sea.

The Minister, Hashim Ibnauf, said that the new machines support container handling, reduce time, and contribute to port capacity increase.

Recently, several workers’ strikes for financial and operational reasons.

According to observers, workers may fear that modernization processes will reduce their numbers in favor of new machines and technologies.

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