schools are back and the EEA-C, FRC facing rage

“Schools are back next Monday” Is wildly covered by the national newspapers today, Assayha wrote:

The Central Joint Chamber for Covid19 Emergency in Khartoum announced that schools are back starting next Monday, with strict health requirements.

The committee held its meeting yesterday, chaired by the alternate chairperson, Dr.Bushra Hamed, and confirmed its agreement with the recommendation of the joint technical committee between the Ministries of Health and Education regarding the resumption of schools.

 The EEA-C, FRC headquarters in the states are stormed and the police chief threats is the headline of Akhbar Alyoum

Alsudani reported that AlBurhan and Cohen have agreed to establish intelligence and security cooperation to curb terrorist organizations and Islam extremism.

Meanwhile AlTayar report the Clashes Among individuals

From the army and the police which caused panic, the paper wrote:

Clashes occurred between some police and army individuals in the market of Wed Madani, yesterday’s afternoon.

Following an argument between people from the two parties, which led to a clash near a police station.

Started with a fist fight then escalated to guns which resulted in casualties from both sides.

The Army contained the situation before it gets complicated by deploying military police officers.

FFC: the method of selecting ministers will not bring a strong government Is the headline of AlJareeda.

They also reported that the family of the martyr Ahmed Khair is heading to submit an urgent request to the Supreme Court

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