Daglo to Doha and Ethiopia ignores Charter of African Unity

Assayha reports that Ministers submit their resignations to Hamdok within 72 hours, the paper wrote:

Sources confirmed that the current government ministers will resign in 72 hours preparing to announce the formation the new government.

According to sources, all ministers will submit their resignations to the PM to proceed directly with selecting the new ministerial staff.

On its lead story AlHadathah asks: What is the role of the forces of the revolution on the new cabinet formation? The paper wrote:

Many negative aspects dominated the scene of the past days’ demonstrations; and the demands are questioned.

Who is behind the disorder?  It is seeking

 To demonize the masses?  Does the street still need a catalog and a guidebook, to recognize the enemy and the ally?  These and other questions are of great importance, given that the waves of rage on the government are expanding.

Exclusively, AlTayar reveal the reason behind the Minister of Education absence from the Sudanese high school diploma conference, the paper wrote:

A senior source in the Teachers Committee told (Altayar):

The minister’s absence is due to his infection with the Coronavirus and that he was committed to the health protocols.

Akhbar Alyoum: Hemedti to Doha on his first visit since Al-Bashir is overthrown to discuss the dispute with Ethiopia

Since Omar al-Bashir is overthrown it’s the first time for LTG Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo “Hemedti” the commander of the RSF and deputy chairperson of TSC, to Qatar, as part of a diplomatic campaign to explain the nature of the border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia.

 Also, on akhbar Alyoum, Head of the Border Commission: Ethiopia refuses to recognize the border despite the signature and approval of the Charter of African Unity

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