The Israeli delegation and the border tension in AlTaghyeer 30 January weekly

The tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia doesn’t seem to end soon as both governments insist to stick to their stances. The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry this week stated that the negotiations depend on the Sudanese armed forces withdrawing its deployment in the borders, while the Sudanese government insist that the army deployment is in the Sudanese legitimate lands according to the 1902 borders agreement and will not compromise an inch of its land, while several Sudanese government officials confirmed that there is no conflict to negotiate about and will only settle this through diplomacy.

The highlight of this week is when the Israeli minister of intelligence Eli Cohen headed a delegation to Sudan, this visit was declared through the Israeli media.

Aiming to finalize the conclusion of the peace agreement (Abraham Accord) which is sponsored by the US government Al-Burhan and Cohen agreed to establish a cooperation between the two countries in the near future.

It also was a week full of protests and barricades all around the capital as the inflation is rapidly getting worse which resulted in the increase of housing expenses in addition to the bread, cooking gas and fuel crisis. And Eldigair advises the transitional government to address the crisis rather than ignoring the protests.

At last, following the juba peace agreement last October 2020, the new government declaration is almost there.

The curfew in Algeneina paid off as things are falling back to its place and people are returning back to normal life after an argument between two civilians turned into a bloodbath in the city.

This week the EEA-C, FRC accuses the public prosecution of obstructing its performance while they face rage around the country as its headquarters in the states are getting sabotaged.

We also covered what was happening in the electricity sector as the employees are rejecting the EEA-C, FRC performance in the sector through organizing protests and strikes.

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