Backlash on the upcoming cabinet formation and Ethiopia throws accusations

Akhbar Alyoum:

The Sudanese Communist Party calls on the government to resign and says: The freedom centre no longer represents the revolution.

They also report that the transportation Company stated that Half of the buses were out of service due to lack of fuel.

Assayha quotes Fadlallah Burma “the upcoming government is a quota government and we reluctantly participated” the paper wrote:

the National Umma Party delegated leader Major General  Fadlallah Burmah Nasser attacked the Central Council of the FFC describing it as non-executive. He stated that they have accepted the quota system in the government despite their withdrawal from freedom and change previously Because of their rejection of the quotas system.

On its lead story Alhadathah “Oktay and Widad were released under the direction of Burhan and Hemedti.” said the EEA-C, FRC.

Meanwhile Altayar:

Ethiopia accused, Egypt and Sudan of obstruction

The “Renaissance Dam” negotiations excluding a war outbreak due to the waters of the Nile.


Dr. Heba Muhammad Ali, the in-charge Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, headed to the Kingdom of Bahrain yesterday, Saturday for a two-day official visit.

In the visit she will hold meetings with officials to discuss ways of cooperation between the ministries of finance in the two countries, and discuss mutual investment opportunities between them. in addition to following up on files related to entrepreneurship and youth employment with the regional office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and other related institutions.

And Alintibaha on its headline:

Disclosure of international bribes for the defenseless advocate against the ICC.

And the ministry of justice begins the discussion of the law of Israel.

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