Sudan Inaugurates a Centre to Save Wildlife

Sudan inaugurated a wildlife rescue center about 20 kilometers from the capital, Khartoum.

Khartoum, Al Taghyeer

The Netherlands Ambassador to Sudan participated in the inauguration of a Wildlife rescue center in Al Bageir, 20 kilometers from Khartoum.

The center was inaugurated on Saturday by the Ag. Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries, Adel Farah, in the presence of the Dutch ambassador in Khartoum, Mr. Othman Salih, founder of the center, and local dignitaries.

The Minister affirmed Sudan’s keenness to sign agreements in protection and exchange of endangered wild animals.

In the opening, he said, “There is an overlap in the various authorities among the ministry and other bodies that we are working on by signing an MOU with wildlife associations”.

According to the Minister, this includes agreements with neighboring countries in protection and exchange of animals, especially large species such as elephants, ostriches and giraffes.

The Minister confirmed the sponsorship of the Center and promised to create international partnerships.

In addition to many voluntary organizations, to fill the deficiency in basic needs.

He revealed a framework agreement with the donors to support the center and link them to professionals.

The Minister expressed his interest in devolving wildlife to the Ministry of Animal Resources.

He said, “There is a big gap in the field of organizing large livestock and paying attention to the health of animals, especially those threatened with extinction”.

The minister noted that the idea of support came from the ministry after the “Lions” crisis.

Lions in Al Qurashi Park, right in the heart of Khartoum, suffered from starvation, till they were almost dead.

The incident, which spread through social media, drew the attention of international organizations.

The minister announced the signing of an MOU with the Directorate of Wildlife and the Sudanese Wildlife Society (SWS).

He noted that they have a Research Section and an epidemiology directorate.

He pointed out that the laws are complete for animal health, and he said that through SWS all services can be provided.


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