Cabinet Formation Controversy and the Public Prosecutor Faces Backlash

The Public Prosecutor faces Criticism on his Speech in the Case of Martyr Hassan Muhammad Omar is the headline of Alhadathah the paper wrote:

The public prosecutor Taj Alsir Al-Habr, threw the accusation speech at the first Sessions of the martyr Hassan Muhammad Omar’s case, the accused was a member in the security forces of the overthrown regime.

And Assayha said: A tendency to postpone the government’s announcement for another week.

A source in the Central Council of the FFC confirmed

In a statement to (Assayha), a strong tendency to postpone the declaration of the expected government formation for at least a week.

The source attributed the delay for several reasons, most importantly that the FFC did not submit its final list of nominees to the Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok.

Meanwhile Akhbar Alyoum have a different tone as they reported the crisis of the ministerial formation: Revolutionary front warn against partisan quotas, the paper wrote:

Five factions of the revolutionary front forces warned against forming a new government based on quotas that does not reflect the participation of all Sudanese people, and if that fails, then the alternatives in early elections.

They also reported that NUP had already submitted their nominees of the new cabinet.

In its headline Altayar quotes Nabil Adib “The end of the period granted to the committee ends (February)” the paper wrote:

The head of the investigation committee of sit-in massacre

Dr. Nabil Adeeb, stated that the deadline given to the committee for Investigation and the submission of its final report is this February, indicating that they Will demand the prime minister to extend the period immediately in case they fail to complete the investigation in due date.

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