Governor of Khartoum: The Police is a Regular Civilian Institution

The Governor of Khartoum affirmed that the police is a regular civil institution and have a fundamental role in civil transformation in Sudan.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The governor of Khartoum, Ayman Khalid Nimer said during his speech to albarq alkhatif 19 campaign Saturday that the police as a regular and civil institution have a fundamental role in the transformation towards a civil state and the strengthening of democracy and human rights.

He emphasized that it represents a fundamental pillar in building a state of rights and citizenship and preserving citizen rights and security.

The governor addressed the campaign in Al-Mawlid Square in Khartoum Bahri.

The brief was attended by members of the Khartoum State Security Coordination Committee. With the participation of the police forces, SAF, RSF and the General Intelligence Agency.

The governor affirmed joint cooperation to repair what had been destroyed over the past 30 years and build a state of institutions.

He also pledged to enhance police capabilities by providing mobiles and devices and improving the police work environment.

He announced that the coming period will witness great work to achieve citizen’s security and providing decent livelihoods.

Khartoum Police Director, Yassir al-Kutabi, explained that this campaign bears the number 19 under the name of albarq alkhatif.

He referred to what the campaigns have achieved in reducing crime, arresting habitual criminals, seizing violating cars and fighting forced housing inside the planned housing.

He also declared that the primary goal of albarq alkhatif campaigns is to reach (zero crime).

Last week, the Khartoum State Police headquarters revealed the removal of 405 emergency housing units that it said constitute sources of crime.

In addition to taking criminal reporting procedures in the face of a number of defendants in alwathba18 of albarq alkhatif campaigns conducted by the police.

They announced the seizure of vehicles traveling on the main road without license plates in Khartoum districts and Jabal Awliya.

The Director of the Criminal Department of the State Police, Major Gen.Abdul Raouf al-Daw. Said that alwathba 18 in albarq alkhatif Campaign resulted in 95 criminal reports and removing 405 from emergency housing.

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