FFC Submits its Nominees and the SCP Attacks the Government

Assayha reveals the details of the postponement of the government formation the paper wrote:

Sources in the Cabinet exclusively told Assayha that Prime Minister Dr. Abd Allah Hamdouk had received a list of nominations from the forces of freedom and change only. Also, a leader in the Revolutionary Front told the newspaper, about disagreements within the revolutionary front regarding some ministries which was the reason of delayed delivery nominations.

In the same vein Akhbar Alyoum reported that Hamdok receives the list of nominations of the Forces of Freedom and Change to the cabinet, the paper wrote:

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdok received the list of nominations in seventeen ministerial portfolio for the Forces of Freedom and Change To the Cabinet. And that when he met yesterday in his office the Council of Ministers Nominations Committee delegation of the FFC.

 On the other hand, Alhadathah report that 154 million dollars is annual salaries for about 3,000 government employees only, the paper wrote:

Documents obtained by AlHadathah newspaper revealed that 2,900 government employees received 154 million annual salaries, and the contribution of government sectors to the GDP for the year 2019 represented by industry and mining was about 9.4%, including the contribution of the oil sector, which in turn did not exceed 3%.

Altayar in its headline quotes the Sudanese communist party “we decided to overthrow the government” the paper wrote:

The Sudanese Communist Party harshly criticized the 2021 budget stating that it is violent and described it as the “poverty, Hunger and disease budget”. The party declared its rejection of the bad economic the policies pursued by the government,

And it corresponds to the policies of the former Minister of Finance, Ibrahim Al-Badawi. The Communist Party held a press conference, at its headquarters in Khartoum, about the party’s stance on the 2021 budget

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