Khartoum: A COVID19 Kind of Back to Schools

Today, Monday, the academic year begins in Khartoum, after a long pause, with specific health and preventive guidelines to avoid COVID-19 infection.

Khartoum, Al Taghyeer

The academic year 2020 – 2021 begins today, in all Khartoum localities, in accordance with resolution of the State health emergencies committee.

Director General of the Ministry of Education in Khartoum, Mohamad Ibraheem Ali, directed that all primary and secondary schools to abide by health guidelines.

According to the administrative decision issued by the state, the guidelines include, application of preventive behaviors, maintaining distancing, allocation of a teacher to supervise this, and to reduce socializing. Furthermore, ensure good ventilation in all classes, not to exchange stationaries and periodic sterilization of classes and surfaces.

School will be in a two-shift system for the basic stage, and it is divided into two groups, the first group, which are students of the first, second and third grades, and it starts from 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. and the students are distributed over all classes to ensure social distancing.

The second group includes students of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grades, and it starts from 11:00 a.m. until 2:25 p.m. with 6 lessons.

Classes will be 30 minutes only, with no more than 30 students in a class room and the class time is (30) minutes.

The schedule of the eighth grade will remain as it is.

The decision specified a Day In, Day Out study at the secondary level, for the first and second grades, and continuation of daily study for the third grade.

Last week, the Joint Central Chamber for Coronavirus Emergencies in Khartoum agreed on the recommendation of the Joint Technical Committee between the Ministries of Health and Education regarding the resumption of study, starting today, Monday, under strict health requirements.

The State Ministry of Education announced that ongoing awareness there will be presented by teachers, and noted that 330,000 masks will be provided to students.

The Ministry of Education workshop, which took place last December, recommended the necessity of resuming study in primary and secondary schools, with distancing in classes and dividing students into two shifts, with strict health requirements.

Khartoum and Gezira states asserted their support for the plan to resume studies.



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