900 Million Euros of Corruption and The SRF Nominations is Submitted:

In its headline Alhadathah said the Corruption of the Omar Albashir causes a debt of more than one billion euros the paper wrote:

Documents obtained by (Al-hadatha) disclosed an official approval from the former regime government of a debt from an external bank amounting to more than 900 million euros, while at the time it was known as a financing line from the preferential Trade Bank which is located in the Kenyan capital (Nairobi). The documents highlighted the government’s inability towards the debt coverage, that reached the permissible ceiling for financing, which is one billion and one hundred million euros, and according to sources who spoke to (Alhadathah), the debt is still pending, and that a delegation from the bank visited Khartoum recently to inquire about its debt, which is borne by the government of Sudan.

 Omar Al-Bashir had directed the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Sudan to pay the debt by increasing the price of importing cooking gas and gas fuel, through an import company owned by a businessman imprisoned in the UAE, Ayman Al-Mamoun and his partner, Hazem Mustafa.

Aqar, Hajar, and Al-Hadi to the TSC, and Minawi is the ruler of Darfur region is what Altayar and Assayha reported on their headlines today the paper disclosed the details of the revolutionary front nomination list, Assayha wrote:

The chief negotiator of the Sudan Liberation Forces, a member of the leadership council of the Revolutionary Front, Ibrahim Zaribah, confirmed the full agreement on the lists of peace parties in the sovereign counsel and the cabinet according to the timetables set by the Transitional Partners Council.

In a statement to Assayha Zaribah clarified that the ministerial lists expanded and that the nominations for SC included Al-Tahir Hajar, the head of the Sudan Liberation Forces, the President of the Revolutionary  front Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, the head of the Popular Movement-North  Malik Aqar.

The consensus confirmed the nomination of Minni Arko Minawi to be the governor of the Darfur region.

On the other hand, Akbar Alyoum in its headline says that an important meeting of the revolutionary forces today to rally around the goals of the revolution the paper wrote:

This evening, representatives of the parties, the political forces that belong to the FCC and revolutionary and professional masses to discuss the formation of the Legislative Council.

A group of active political figures called for the meeting to discuss the hows of creating a strong parliament that represents all the forces of the revolution and expressing the goals and slogans of the revolution.

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