David Beasley Confirms the World Food Program(WFP) Willingness to Support Sudan

The Sudanese PM, Abdalla Hamdok, affirmed the transitiona government’s desire to strengthen frameworks for partnership with the WFP.

Khartoum, Al Taghyeer

On Tuesday, Hamdok received the Executive Director of the WFP, David Beasley, in the presence of the Advisor to PM onInternational Cooperation, Aisha Al Bereir.

The PM referred to the WFP efforts towards Sudan, which contributed to its return to the international community, praising the WFP role in providing aid and assistance to regions affected by war and conflict.

For his part, Beasley congratulated Hamdok on the removal ofSudan from the States Sponsors of Terrorism list, as a step that facilitates the Program work in the country.

According to Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Beasley emphasized the Program’s willingness to provide any assistance that Sudan requests, to ensure the transitional period stability. In addition to assist in passing this difficult phase, in the comprehensive economic reform process, and mitigation of its impact on citizens.

The sides also discussed strengthening frameworks for partnership between Sudan and the WFP in the existing and future joint venture.

WFP Role

Last year, the WFP awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Beasley previously appeared on the political scene when he was part of Hamdok visit to Kauda, ​​the stronghold of Sudan People Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N), in January 2020.

He also had a political role, once again, in signing a joint declaration between PM Hamdok and SPLM-N leader Abdel-Aziz al-Hilu, last year at Addis Ababa.

Hamdok’s visit to Kauda came days after the opening of humanitarian tracks for the first time since the war between the former government and SPLM-N in 2011.

Disagreements over the election result in South Kordofan, along with popular consultation, have led to the outbreak of war.





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