Security Committee in Sudanese State Prevent Protests in the Markets

The Security Committee in North Kordofan has banned protests in markets.

 Khartoum: Altaghyeer

North Kordofan State Security Committee held a meeting at the Government Secretariat headed by the State governor, Chairman of the Security Committee Khalid Mustafa Adam. They discussed what they described as negative phenomena.

North Kordofan State Police Director and the Security Committee Rapporteur, Major Gen. Hassan Hamid Ahmed, said that the meeting was based on the security situation in the state as well as the primary school’s study continuation arrangements.

The state’s police director indicated in a statement to SUNA, on Tuesday, that the meeting discussed what he described as the negative phenomena that occur during the protests by some criminal groups that exploit the protests to loot, steal, sabotage and terrorize citizens.

He stressed that what happened in al-Obeid, the state capital as exploitation of the protests by a group that wanted to vandalize some sites and loot citizens ’property. He said: “They were arrested and reports were opened against them,”.

The State Security Committee Rapporteur pointed out the need to adhere to the paths of protests as a right guaranteed by law to express with commitment to peace. He stressed that the regular forces perform their duty in securing demonstrations, explaining that the Security Committee has directed to prevent demonstrations in markets.

The Director of the State Police revealed the level of coordination between the security services to maintain security, stressing that the state witnesses security stability in all regions.


After the revolution, al-Obeid city witnessed a security clampdown which led to the killing of a number of students by the RSF during peaceful demonstrations.

However, for several months, trials have been taking place with suspects in killing students.

Many revolutionary forces refused to accept the nomination of the current governor and many protests took place rejecting his appointment.

It is expected that government amendments will be made tomorrow Thursday, starting with the appointment of a new government. then to include in the same month the appointment of state governors in addition to the formation of the TLC, according to media reports.


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