Ethiopian Forces Strike Again and Protests Over Cost of Living Overwhelm the Country

Protests in the Red Sea and South Darfur, a curfew in Nyala, and markets are shutdown in al-Obeid, al-Rahad, and Um Ruwaba.

Akhbar Alyoum reports that South Darfur Security Committee had imposed curfew from 6 pm to 6 am; following demonstrations and riots in Nyala, the state capital. The State Governor, Musa Mahdi, affirmed that the South Darfur Police managed to disperse demonstrations and riots after attempts to attack shops in Nyala market.

Ethiopian forces attacked a Sudanese reconnaissance squad in Jebel Halawa, in the borderline, killing one officer, according to the paper.

The paper also says that UAE announced the arrival al-Amal spacecraft at Mars orbit.

North Kordofan Governor to Assayha: “al-Obeid incidents are orchestrated”. The Governor asserts restoration of calm and stability in the state, and emphasized that they were able to arrest 69 suspects.

The head of the National Umma Party political office, Mohamed al-Mahdi Hassan, says that the Foreign Minister and party leader, Mariam al-Sadiq, is committed to the transitional government agenda, including normalization of relations with Israel, once adopted by the Legislative Council, according to Assayha.

The paper also reports that the new Minister of Social Development withdraws from the position as claimed by Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) to step down to another member of the Movement.

Al Hadatha publishes details by the committee on enforced disappearance which is consisted of 3 members from the Forensic Advisory Board, to investigate unidentified corpses of Wad Madani morgue, as requested by the Federal Minister of Health.

The paper also quotes informed sources that PM Hamdok is changing his office staff in conformity with the new Gov. formation: a decision was taken to relieve the PM’s economic, peace and media advisors consecutively.

Darfur Bar Association calls for keeping Darfur issues under Chapter VII, which stipulates provision of redress to victims, fair trials to perpetrators, and assistance to refugees, displaced and war-affected persons; especially that UNAMID withdrawal may leave a vacuum, according to Al Hadatha.

Unfortunately Al Tayar newspaper wasn’t published today due to power outage according to the chief editor Othman Merghani.

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