Hamdok Taking Actions To End the Crisis While SCP and Alba’ath Think Otherwise

Akhbar Ayoum says that the Communist and Ba’ath Parties stated that the new government will not get Sudan out of its economic crisis, and according to the Communist Party spokesman, the difficult living conditions are likely to persist and currency would deteriorate further.

The paper also reports that Hamdok tends to appoint Yasir Arman, deputy of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) as a Political Advisor, within the context of changing his office staff in line with the new Gov. Formation.

Demonstration and acts of sabotage sweep across al-Fula and al-Deain, and North Darfur governor declares war on the National Congress Party, according to Akhbar Ayoum.

Assayha says that Hamdok is forming a task force of the newly appointed ministers to end the bread and fuel crises, and another one to tackle security challenges.

Ministry of Finance confirmed that no increases in fuel prices, as reported by Assayha.

The paper also says that al-Burhan pledges to strengthen coordination between all state agencies and complete the state structures by forming the Legislative Council.

Assayha reports that Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) proposes to Resistance Committees to ask the military component in the Sovereignty Council for more seats in the upcoming Parliament to resolve differences between the parties.

“Nabil Adib: Sit-in dispersal perpetrators are inducing the Committee to provide unsubstantiated accusations” is the headline for al-Hadatha, which says that those involved in Sit-in dispersal want to create legal dispute.

The steering committee of Sudan Railway Workers’ Union had declared a strike starting today, Thursday, apart from medical centers, protesting non-payment of their financial dues, according to al-Hadatha.

AAl-Tayar reports that Ali Othman and dissolved party leaders appear before the Court in Sport City corruption case.

The paper also says that Cabinet Affairs Minister, Khalid Omer Yousif, stated that livelihoods is their priorities. He pointed out that the outgoing government had begun to resolve the country’s structural economic crisis, but have not yet yielded.

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