A Word of Al Taghyeer: So this Dirty Game never Sees The Light

During the past few days, at least ten Sudanese states have witnessed protests against the collapsing economy conditions, accompanied by acts of violence, sabotage, looting, and destruction of public and private property. What is the plan to thwart these conspiracies? This is the difficult question posed on the table not only before the transitional government, but before all the forces aligned with the glorious December revolution. When a state of emergency is declared in more than half of the states of Sudan seeking a transition to democratic civilian rule, this is a red flag at the political level before the security level!

There is no doubt that the former regime is working systematically to thwart the transitional period by using the arms of the “deep state” to sabotage the economy and services, obstruct justice and create crises that stimulates anger among citizens and lead them to protest, then using these protests and deviate from them to violence, sabotage, tribal fighting and everything that could hinders the country stability in preparation for the coup and the return of the remnants of the former regime. Protecting our homeland from this “dirty conspiracy” requires systematic and institutionalized action on several political, economic, social, media and security fronts.

Politically, the transitional government in the center and the regions is required to affirm its commitment to human rights and basic freedoms, including the right to expression, demonstrate and peaceful protest in line with the spirit of the revolution, and at the same time implement urgent reforms in the police, security, army and civil service agencies to enhance their efficiency in imposing law and countering violence, and holding everyone accountable It conspires with the counter-revolution in its sabotage of the social structure through tribal conflict or its threat to the security of citizens through looting and intimidation, and economically, urgent measures are needed to improve the living conditions, control the insanely escalating prices and solve the dilemma of scarcity of the essential commodities, the social tension due to hunger and deprivation, will result in insecurity crime, and when there is a third party lurking in the stability of the country, they will inevitably exploit this congestion and take advantage of it politically, the defeat of the counter-revolution will not take place without the people cohesion between the forces supporting the democratic transition and aligned with the values of the revolution among themselves and their solid harmony for the success of the transitional government, and in this context, the transitional government must fulfill its duties in implementing the goals of the revolution and not aspire to free support, and most importantly is to stop the blood baths in the states and fight the threat of chaos and looting in the states by exposing the wire-puller that messes with security and exposing the hands that are complicit with them in The “deep state” and hold accountable the offenders and accomplices through a fair and independent judiciary.

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