Sinnar declares a state of emergency

Sinnar joined a number of other states declaring emergency, following demonstrations that were accompanied by acts of violence, looting and theft.

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The governor of Sinnar, EEA-C, FRC chairman and Head of the State Security Committee, al-Mahi Mohamed Suleiman, issued an order declaring a state of emergency from today, Thursday until further notice.

The order directed all security, police and military agencies to declare a state of maximum alert and to secure markets and strategic and public facilities.

The order also directed all citizens to immediately report the whereabouts of the former regime members and monitor their movements and meetings.

According to SUNA, the governor indicated that the security services monitored the movements and meetings of the remnants of the former regime in separate places in the state. Which resulted in planning the events of robbery, looting and trespassing the property and money of citizens, in defiance of the June 30 regime dismantle law that banned the National Congress name.

A wave of violent protests

The country witnesses many protests including Khartoum, accompanied with acts of violence, looting and theft, as 4 states in the Darfur declared a state of emergency and suspended studies.

The local authorities in the states also announced the arrest of dozens of suspects, pending cases of sabotage, looting and theft.

In conjunction with student protests denouncing the economic situation, the demonstrations are accompanied by security chaos and acts of violence. The local governments accused the elements of the former regime of engaging in inciting this kind of protests.

Days after the wave of violent demonstrations, EEA-C, FRC announced that it had issued orders to the states through the Public Prosecution, to arrest prominent members and leaders of the National Congress Party, as they were accused of involvement in the violence.

On Wednesday, the governor of Khartoum issued an order to pursue the leaders and officials of the former regime, in accordance with the directives of the EEA-C, FRC.

Yesterday, protesters burned Ad Daein Radio and Television headquarters in East Darfur.
On Wednesday, the new Sudanese Minister of Interior announced the establishment of a security plan to secure citizens and public property immediately after he was sworn into office

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