Hamdok confirms Sudan’s willingness to cooperate with “UNITAMS”

Hamdok discussed with the head of “UNITAMS” in Sudan the priorities of the mission’s work in the next stage and expressed his readiness for full cooperation.
 Khartoum: Altaghyeer
PM Abdullah Hamdok announced his willingness to fully cooperate with UNITAMS and the preexisting country team in Sudan.
in his office Hamdok met On Sunday, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the UN, the head of UNITAMS , Volker Perthes, in the presence of Minister of Cabinet Affairs Khalid Omer Yusif and the head of the National Executive Committee for coordination with the mission, Ambassador Omer al-Sheikh.
 Volker Perthes said in a press statement that his meeting with the PM comes after the end of his quarantine after his arrival in Sudan at the beginning of this month.
 Mission priorities
 Perthes stated that he discussed with Hamdok the fact that the mission’s priorities are derived from the priorities of the transitional government, on top of which is the mobilization of economic resources for the sake of the success of the transitional period. It is impossible to achieve sustainable peace and democracy without supporting the Sudanese economy.
 He added that “UNITAMS” is for the government and people of the whole Sudan and for serving society in all its segments and not for one party from the transitional authority.
 He added that he is about to visit all parts of the country next March to hear from different groups in Sudan.
 Strategic goals
 For his part, the head of the National Committee for Coordination with the Mission, Omer al-Sheikh, praised the long personal and academic experiences of Mr. Volker Perthes.
 He expected to harness these capabilities and experiences in achieving the four strategic objectives contained in Resolution (2524) regarding the formation of the mission.
Al- Sheikh added that the mission’s four goals are complementary, represented in political transformation, movement towards democratic governance and the promotion of human rights.
 He explained that the means to achieve these goals are to achieve the priorities of the constitutional document and prepare a constitution that expresses the new change in the country and the census process, in addition to preparing for democratic elections after achieving comprehensive peace.
 Real peace
 Al- sheikh said that what happened in Juba is real peace, but it must be completed, and that this matter is part of the mission’s work in using all the capabilities available to the UN to convince the two main factions that are not signatories to complete the peace.
 He pointed out that one of the mission’s priorities in addition to making peace is to play a major role in peace building by reconciling, disarming and protecting civilians.
 He stated that the last and most important strategic objective of the mission is to mobilize resources and international support, which was discussed.
 He said that the PM expressed the country’s readiness to fully cooperate with “UNITAMS” and the country team in Sudan.
 Al-sheikh promised that the National Committee for Coordination with the Mission will be in permanent contact with the Mission.
 He pointed out that what happened during the few days suggests that cooperation will continue and will work out.

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