News Headlines ,17 Feb 2021

Akhbar Alyoum

–          Al-Bashir to the June 30th Court: I regret nothing

–          FFC’s central board defended the empowerment dismantling committee, citing it as the revolution’s first line of defence


–          Sudanese ambassador to Ethiopia recalled

–          Israeli delegation secretly in Khartoum for a couple of hours

–          Overthrown President, al-Bashir, to the Court: I am regretting nothing


–          Exclusive from Al-Tayar: A closed-door meeting of al-Burhan, Wajdi and Manna

–          Al-Badawi reveals to Al-Tayar reasons for spiking exchange rate

–          A source to Al-Tayyar: Gezira state governor’s salary unconstitutional


–          Criminal reports against the director of Madani’s morgue and the directors general at the sate ministry of health

–          Former minister of education: The security check is meant to defame revolutionaries


News brief

Akhbar Alyoum reports former president Omer al-Bashir as saying “I do not regret anything,” commenting on trial proceedings on charges of conducting 30th of June 1989 coup d’état; and acknowledging to have refused cooperation with investigation committee.

The paper also says Saudi state minister for African Affairs, Ambassador Ahmed Kattan, arrived in Khartoum yesterday morning, on a two-day official visit.

Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) central board praised the performance of the empowerment dismantling committee according to a statement released by FFC featured in media outlets, FFC confirmed infinite support to the Committee, as reported by the paper.

Assayha reports ministry of foreign affairs recalling the Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Sudan’s AU permanent representative, Jamal al-Sheikh over tensions with Ethiopia.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation confirmed that an Israeli security mission arrived in Khartoum. An informed source expects that the delegation was led by the director of Mossad, Yossi Cohen, according to Assayha.

Al-Tayar reports Ibrahim al-Badawi former finance minister as saying the transitional government inherited a crippled economy.

The paper also reports a closed-door meeting by the chairman of the transitional sovereignty council and empowerment dismantling committee spokesman, Wajdi Salih, along with the Committee’s rapporteur, Salah Manna’; expected to be about the prevention of the committee members from entering the Republican Palace.

Al-Hadatha beats a grassroots and civil rights bodies reporting criminal charges against Madani’s morgue Director, Kamal ad-Deen Hussein, in addition to reports against directors-general of Gezira state ministry of health in the period 2018 through 2021.

The paper also reports former education minister, M A et-Tom considered the security check as an idle talk to exclude those who embrace revolutionary values, noting that remnants and supporters of former regime sparing no effort to circumvent the transitional government.


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