News Headlines: Thursday 18/2/2021


–          300 military vehicles of Sudan Liberation Army arrive in Khartoum

–          Bakri and al-Hussein’s files withdrawn from Court

–          Gebreil: Ministry’s control over public money cannot be waived


–         Empowerment dismantling report: 2000 posts at the Council of Ministers occupied by former regime’s associates

–          Issuance of residence certificate contingent upon taxation clearance


–          Gas crisis to end within hours

–          Dozens of farmers in ar-Rahad agricultural scheme under arrest

–          Public Prosecutor reveals re-autopsy of University of Gezira students.

News Brief

Assayha reports Head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC), Abdul Fattah al-Burhan underlined the Saudi positive/supportive stances towards Sudan. In a meeting with the Saudi State Minister for African Affairs, Ahmed Kattan, al-Burhan confirmed the Sudanese government interest in developing economic and commercial cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

The paper also reports that the American Ambassador to Sudan, Brian Shukan, confirmed United States Administration’s support for Juba Peace Agreement as one indivisible package, in addition to their support for the transitional period and democratic transition in Sudan.

300 military vehicle of Sudan Liberation Army /Minnawi, arrived to Khartoum in full armaments prior to the implementation of security arrangements, according to Assayha.

Al-Hadatha reports that Saudi Arabia confirms its support to Arab water safety and proclaimed to seek an end to the Renaissance Dam case, preserving the 3 States interests.

Al-Tayar says that Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy, Hamid Suleiman, announced gradual start of operations in Khartoum refinery following completion of maintenance

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