News Headlines 20 February 2021



–          Experts: Ethiopian rumor to strike Sudanese-Egyptian relations and disturb soldiers.

–          A Sudanese refugee stabs immigration official to death in France.


–          Assayha reveals details of the Israeli intelligence minister’s visit to Khartoum

–          Large amounts of currency burnt in Omdurman by unidentified persons

–          Mohamed El HacenOuldLebatt: The African Union has not adopted the map of Egypt



–          Sinnar Governor: The money reclaimed by the dismantling committee mounting to $70 million

–           Minnawi: Those who rendered South Sudan to separate are the ones who describe our forces in Khartoum as occupation

–          West Darfur Governor: We will not allow the expelling of IDPs from al-Geneina


–          Spokesperson for AU denies any knowledge of Egyptian-Sudanese border amendments

–          Christian activist in Gezira state kidnapped and received death threats

–          Bensouda reveals sending investigators to Sudan soon

News Brief

AkhbarAlyoum reports raging debate raised following regarding the African Union (AU) adoption of a map annexingHalaib and Shalateen to Egypt; many experts/observers considered it an attempt to ignite conflict between Sudan and Egypt.

The paper also reports a Sudanese refugee has stabbed a French immigration official to death after being told his asylum request had been rejected, yesterday in Pau. The attack is not thought to be linked to terrorism, AFP news agency reports.

Assayhaexclusively details the Israeli Minister of Intelligence, Eli Cohen, visit to Khartoum, which was considered the first Israeli official visit to the “African state”.

The paper reports that AU special envoy to Sudan, Mohamed El HacenOuldLebatt, denied AU’s adoption of any map confirming the annexation of Halaib Triangle to Egypt.

Al-Tayar says that Sinnar Governor, al-Mahi Suleiman, disclosed the value of assets/reimbursed which had been received from the dismantling committee estimated at $70 million, now yielding returns for the state.

The paper also reports that the Head of Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-MM) confirmed that his troops’ presence in Khartoum comes through coordination with military/security services for the implementation of the Peace Agreement and reform of the military establishment.

Governor of West Darfur, Mohamed Abdallah Adoma, revealed in a statement that certain groups have put strains on PM Hamdok to bring him in for questioning into the recent events in the state, but Hamdok refused and did not respond to these calls.

Al-Hadatha says that outgoing International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor, FatouBensouda, welcomed Sudan’s collaboration with the ICC, adding that the ICC will send investigators to Sudan soon.

Yesterday morning, Head of the preparatory committee of the Young Men’s Christian Association, Osama S. M. Kodi, has been abducted by unidentified masked persons, then released at night after he was beaten and tortured, according to the paper.


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