Sudan: beginning of former governor trial in a report by EEA-C, FRC

The proceedings of the trial of Sinnar former governor during al-Bashir era, Ahmed Abbas, began in a report by EEA-C, FRC in the state.
 Khartoum: Altaghyeer
 On Wednesday, the first session of the trial of Sinnar former governor Ahmed Abbas and his cabinet at the time was held in the report of EEA-C, FRC.
 The report comes under Article 13 of EEA-C, FRC Law 30th of June 1989, 2019 Amendment of 2020. Which relates to (acts of corruption), in addition to Article (177/2) of the Criminal Code of 1990, in the case of selling the Kunaf Abu Naama project.
 The session was held in the Great Hall headed by the judiciary in the state of Sinnar.
 The session was presided over by the judge of the General Court of Sinjah, Mohammad Ali Mustafa, in the presence of the attorney general assigned to EEA-C, FRC in Sinnar. In addition to the members of the legal office of the committee after granting them permission from the prosecution to represent the accusation.
 They formed an accusation body in solidarity with the Public Prosecution and in the presence of the defendants’ defense lawyers.
EEA-C, FRC renewed its keenness to ensure a fair trial for all the accused and all their rights guaranteed to them by the law and the constitutional document.
 For his part, the attorney general assigned to the committee presented the accusation speech.
 Another session was scheduled to provide a response to the charge letter, following a request by the defense lawyer.
 EEA-C, FRC confirmed its full confidence in the Sudanese judiciary and renewed its keenness to guarantee the rights of all parties.
 In December 2019, TSC Chairman, LTG, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, issued a decision to form a committee to eliminate the political and economic empowerment pursued by al-Bashir regime.
 The committee was called “EEA-C, FRC,” the Central Committee has sub-committees in all states of Sudan.
 The former regime had “enabled” his members to acquire many important jobs in the state and opened the way for them to control the country’s economy for 30 years.

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